• kiwi


    The kiwi is a shrub with flowers of red or white color. Its leaves are oval and the bottom part has fluff. The fruit is rail and is edible, sweet and sour-taste. The outer part is brown and the inside is juicy, green and with small seeds of black color. The plant thrives in fertile and moist soils. The seed of the plant grows in the spring and is harvested in mid-October.


  • apricot


    It is rich in vitamin A and potassium. It also contains vitamins C, B1, B2, and natural sugar. Apricots are rich in fiber. The apricot is mainly consumed as fresh fruit but It can be consumed dried, or in jam, compote. It is also used in confectionery or as liqueur and juice.


  • sparagianew


    Asparagus is monocot, climbing or bushy plants, growing wild or cultivated as vegetables or ornamentals. They are fleshy stems of the plant Asparagus officinalis, family of Liliidon and belong to the same family as leeks, garlic and onions. Today there are over 100 species and it is the most important perennial and one of the few monocotyledonous vegetables.