Building Facilities

The association is based in the 5th km of Chrisoupolis – Keramoti road and serves its operational needs within the following facilities:

  • a roofed and closed perimeter building (steel structure coated with polyurethane panels) of total surface area 3.600,00 sqm, including a space 2.400,00 sqm standardization – packaging. The remaining space serves other needs eg warehouses, changing rooms etc.
  • a constructed surface area of 630,00 sqm tangentially to the upper building, which houses
  1. the cooperative offices,
  2. products’ receiving room and
  3. secondary electric power station


  • a new refrigerating unit of 1153.60 sqm, built in 2007, so as to meet the growing needs of the cooperative.
  • a surface of 397.49 sqm shed, built in 2009, as needed auxiliary installation.
  • a pesticide and agricultural supplies store of 116 sqm, which started its operation in 2012.
  • A cold room (which replaced, in 2013, the old locker and dining rooms) and the new dressing rooms and dining area in a total surface area of 512.60 sqm.