Building Facilities

The association is based in the 5th km of Chrisoupolis – Keramoti road and serves the needs of the following facilities:

A roofed and closed perimeter building (suitable frame coated with polyurethane panels) 3.600,00 sqm surface in which there is a space standardization – packaging 2.400,00 m². The remaining space serves other needs eg warehouses, changing rooms etc.

Tangentially to the upper building, there is a constructed surface area 630,00 sqm which housed

1) the cooperative offices,

2) products receiving room.

3) and substation of DEI

In 2007 a new cooling was constructed with 1153.60 sqm surface complex to meet the growing needs of the cooperative.

In 2009 a surface of 397.49 sqm shed was built as needed auxiliary installation.

In 2012 a drug trafficking and other store was constructed with a 116 sqm georgoefodion surface.

In 2013 the old locker room and the dining room became cold room and wc new dressing rooms and dining area were constructed in an area of 512.60 sqm.