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The peach is the fruit of peach-tree. Spherical or oval, seam on the back and fluffy or smooth peel, depending on the variety of different colors of yellow, pink and red and the white-yellow.



Description :

Peaches crops amount to 229.65 acres. The flesh is juicy, fragrant with sweet and sour taste. The core of peach (pitted) are big red with many grooves and stays stuck in the flesh (or easily unstuck). There are many kinds of peach differences regarding shape, color and taste. So,there are nectarines with hard flesh, the white-fleshed peaches with white hard flesh and more bitter than peaches, the Yarm with a soft and very aromatic flesh and kernel easily removed and peaches with berries, Sanguine .

Dessert peaches and nectarines are consumed while they are fresh and picked from the tree around one week before their full maturity. So they can be maintained for about 15 days. The peach is quite sensitive to heat and if it is left unrefrigerated it will rot quickly.


Peaches,except consumed fresh and stewed, are used for jams, confectionary, liqueurs, soft drinks and juices. The canning peach is very developed and preserved peach that is consumed in large quantities in many areas. Peach contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C, sugar and protein.

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The plum is a fruit with sweet taste and nice aroma. It is the fruit of plum. It belongs to the genus Prunus, along with peaches and mirabelles.
An oval or elliptical and color dark blue or purple when mature. It is eaten as fresh fruit or dried without altering nutritional values. It is used for jam, juice and in confectionery. The fruits for drying are harvested when they are ripe. Then they are placed in special furnaces at a temperature of 65-90 degrees Celsius.




The kiwi is a shrub with flowers of red or white color. Its leaves are oval and the bottom part has fluff. The fruit is rail and is edible, sweet and sour-taste. The outer part is brown and the inside is juicy, green and with small seeds of black color. The plant thrives in fertile and moist soils. The seed of the plant grows in the spring and is harvested in mid-October.




It is rich in vitamin A and potassium. It also contains vitamins C, B1, B2, and natural sugar. Apricots are rich in fiber. The apricot is consumed as fresh fruit. It can be cosnusmed dried, or in jam, compote, and is used in confectionery or liqueur and juice.




Nectarines resemble with peaches except that, unlike those, they have smooth skin. It is a healthy fruit that you can include in your diet, as it has many vitamins and minerals.